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AAVA Armoured Sports Bra

Increase performance and speed up recovery time with this 3-in-1 sports bra, offering support, protection and a GPS pocket.
199,90 €
Protected Areas
  • breasts
  • inner collarbones
  • ribs
  • sternum
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Description and Features

3-in-1 solution: a protective sports bra to guard against breast or chest injuries and bruised ribs. Includes built-in pockets for tracking devices and hardshell cups. The perfect sports bra!

  • Tailored fit for female and gender-diverse athletes: A protective armour that feels like a second skin: soft and lightweight fabrics, adjustable straps, back closure and low-profile and anatomically shaped impact foam allow for complete freedom of movement.
  • Made for Movement: Nonrestrictive, lightweight design, providing unparalleled support and an unmatched sense of comfort, allowing for a complete range of movement.
  • Made with low-profile, antimicrobial Impact Foam suitable for repeated impact and offering 90% Shock Absorption, preventing bruising and injuries to your sternum, inner collar bones, ribs and breasts.
  • Ready for Combat: Includes pockets to easily add and remove hardshell breast protection cups to reduce bruising and injury of breast tissue.
  • Seamless Integration for Peak Performance: Integrate a tracker seamlessly into the dedicated GPS pocket, eliminating the need for an additional garment.

Note: the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra does not include hardshell breast protection cups. These are third-party products currently not sold in our shop. If you want recommendations, send us a message.

Tested with athletes for the following sports:

  • BJJ
  • crossfit
  • football
  • freeskiing
  • MT biking
  • roller derby
  • rugby


  • sports_gymnastics What sports is AAVA suitable for?

    The AAVA Armoured Sports Bra protects the areas of the upper body that are often prone to impact and injury. While maintaining flexibility and freedom of movement.

    It is suitable for all team, contact and combat sports and occupational activities that do not require mandatory full-chest protection. The AAVA does not replace hardshell armour but can be worn as a protective base layer under additional armour, such as back or shoulder protection or mandatory occupational protection.


    Contact and Team Sports

    We have tested the AAVA with Roller Derby and Rugby athletes. It is suitable for any contact or team sports prone to hits, bumps, falls, and tackles. This includes sports such as Football, Basketball, Hockey, Handball and Volleyball. AAVA is also suitable for Hardball and Bat Sports such as Softball, Lacrosse and Cricket.


    Action Sports

    We have tested the AAVA with MTB and Freeskiing Athletes. Additionally, it is suitable as a base layer for various action sports such as Motorsports and Snowboarding and can be worn underneath additional protection (for back protectors etc). It does not replace hardshell armour.


    Combat Sports

    We have tested the AAVA with BJJ and Muay Thai athletes. It is also suitable for all other martial arts sports, which do not require mandatory full-chest protection. It can be worn as a protective base layer underneath additional armour, as used in Hema, Fencing, Kendo and other Martial Arts Sports.


    Occupational Protection

    The AAVA can decrease the risk of injuries in high-risk or fast-paced occupational situations. Sternum, Rib, Breast and Collar Bone protection are beneficial occupations such as the police or armed force, stunt person, security, first responder, or firefighter.

  • health_and_safety What breast inserts fit in the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra?

    The AAVA offers pockets to insert hardshell breast protection without removing the impact foam.

    We developed AAVA using QP Sports Hardshell Inserts. It should also fit Boob Armour® Inserts. If you use other inserts, we advise you to test the fit before purchasing AAVA.

  • local_laundry_service Can the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra be washed in a washing machine?

    Absolutely! We recommend washing your AAVA Armoured Sports Bra with no more than 30°C/86° F. The Microban® Antimicrobial treatment of our impact foam renders higher temperatures unnecessary.

    Washing your AAVA sports bra in a GUPPYFRIEND® washing bag will further increase the longevity of your product while filtering microplastic fibres out before they pollute water.

    If you want to further increase the longevity, we recommend you use a no-rinse laundry product such as SOAK. Soak your AAVA for 15 Minutes, squeeze out water and hang dry.

  • laundry AUAU Athletics® Protective Activewear Care

    The correct care for your AUAU Athletics® product will increase the longevity of your product, which is better for you and the environment. Please follow these instructions.


    Rinse after each use

    Rinse with cold water after every use and hang it up to dry. This prevents unwanted odours and will allow for fewer washes and longer-lasting products. If your product is in regular use you can repeat this for 5-10 uses before a proper wash. But remember to wash your product before storing it for a break.


    Machine wash cold or hand wash

    We recommend washing your product with no more than 30°C/86° F. The Microban® Antimicrobial treatment of our impact foam renders higher temperatures unnecessary.

    Washing your product in an Eco-Washing bag such as the GUPPYFRIEND® washing bag with further increase the longevity of your product while filtering microplastic fibres out before they pollute water.

    If you want to further increase the longevity, we recommend you use a no-rinse laundry product such as SOAK. Soak your AAVA for 15 Minutes, squeeze out water and hang dry.


    Line Dry or Lay Flat

    Dry your AUAU Athletics® products by hanging them or laying them flat. Never put them in the dryer.


    Absolute No, Nos

    Do not store your product in a way that folds the impact foam, as this can cause the foam to break. Instead, lay flat or hang. Do not use softeners or chemical wash. Never put your AUAU Athletics® product in the dryer.

  • package_2 Return and Refund Policy


    If you are unhappy with your AUAU Athletics® products or have a faulty product, you can return them and receive a refund

    In both cases, you will be responsible for the return shipment. Please head to the individual policies to learn if your order is eligible for return and refund.


    Cases that are not covered by the Return and Refund Policy:

    • Crowdfunding perks and gifts: We cannot accept returns of crowdfunding perks and gifts because they are provided at deeply discounted pricing during crowdfunding. You can exchange a Crowdfunding gift or perk for a different size. Please head to the Exchange Policy to learn how to proceed.


    Returning a product

    Before shipping an item for return, please message steaks@steakswear.com and let us know why you want to return the item.

    If you want to claim the 12-month warranty, please add the following information to your email to us:

    • Your purchase date and order confirmation number.
    • An explanation describing the perceived defect and when and how it occurred.
    • Information on how often the product was used during this time and if you have followed the care instructions correctly.
    • Pictures of the product and the defect

    We will take full responsibility for faulty products and carefully evaluate each case individually, but we cannot guarantee a resolution.


    Packaging and return shipping

    When returning an order, please ensure the return order is well packaged and protected from damage in transit. We cannot guarantee a partial or full refund if we receive the item in a condition that differs from the provided explanation and pictures. You will be responsible for the shipping costs. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

    Return address:
    Steaks Contact Wear Oy | Sammonkatu 14-16 | 33540 Tampere | Finland

    Depending on where you live, transit time will vary. When shipping an item over 100€, you should consider using a trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance. We cannot guarantee that we will receive your returned item. We recommend using a trackable shipping method for your protection and peace of mind.


    Payment refund

    Upon the arrival of the returned order, the cost will be refunded either partially or in full via the payment option selected during checkout. For EU customers: if you wish to be refunded via bank transfer, please add your bank details (IBAN).


  • AAVA Fabrics
  • 90% Shock Absorption
  • Fair production
  • Experience maximum comfort in eco-friendly and skin-safe fabrics.

    We take pride in the materials we use to make our products. Our base collection is made from recycled nylon and polyester, sourced from waste such as old fishing nets and industrial plastics.

    These fabrics help reduce waste and are certified with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, guaranteeing skin safety.

    Soft and stretchable are two fabric characteristics you will feel on your skin. Knowing the fabrics have been independently tested for harmful substances and are harmless to human health is reassuring. Wearing fabrics you know have helped clean out waste of our oceans is the cherry on top of the superhero feel of our products.

  • The impact foam used in AAVA sounds like magic but is actually science. It is remarkably soft and flexible, only 4,8 mm thick, but capable of absorbing 90% of impact energy, stiffening to form a protective shell when under pressure or subject to external impact. It eliminates the bulk that most protective apparel has without compromising protection and its open-cell technology makes it suitable for repeated impact protection. The material will remain effective and maintain its performance hit after hit. Plus, it features Microban® antimicrobial technology to inhibit the growth of stain- and odour-causing bacteria, mould and mildew.

  • At AUAU Athletics®, we take pride in our production process and the
    working conditions of our production partner's employees. We source all of our materials from Italy, and our final products are produced in Portugal under fair working conditions that pay fair living wages.
    When you buy from us, you can feel confident that you're supporting a
    company that values sustainability and ethical production, as well as
    gender-diverse and female athletes.

We are on a mission to enhance your athletic experience and confidence