• Size Chest Under Breasts or Pecs Waist
    EU34 (XS, US2, UK6)
    78-82 63-67 62-66
    EU36 (S, US4, UK8) 82-86 68-72 66-70
    EU38 (S-M, US6, UK10) 86-90 73-77 70-74
    EU40 (M-L, US8, UK12) 90-94 78-82 74-78
    EU42 (L, US10, UK14) 94-98 83-87 78-82
    EU44 (XL, US12, UK16) 98-102 88-92 82-86
    EU46 (2XL, US14, UK18) 102-107 93-97 86-91
  • Size Chest Under Breasts or Pecs Waist
    US2 (EU34, XS, UK6)
    30.7-32.28 24.80-26.38 24.4-25.98
    US4 (EU36, S, UK8)
    32.28-33.85 26.77-28.35 25.98-27.55
    US6 (EU38, S-M, UK10)
    33.85-35.43 28.74-30.31 27.55-29.13
    US8 (EU40, M-L, UK12)
    35.43-37.0 30.71-32.28 29.13-30.7
    US10 (EU42, L, UK14)
    37.0-38.58 32.68-34.25 30.7-32.28
    US12 (EU44, XL, UK16)
    38.58-40.15 34.65-36.22 32.28-33.85
    US14 (EU46, 2XL, UK18)
    40.15-42.12 36.61-38.19 33.85-35.82

The size guide is for guidance only. If your size differs significantly from your usual size, please consult our Sizing Tip to double-check. If you are uncertain or your size is not on the size guide, contact us so we can advise at steaks@steakswear.com.


Sizing Tip: How do I measure correctly when sizing upper-body protection?

Always measure standing upright with your feet slightly apart, without clothes, and ensure the measuring tape is positioned correctly and horizontally/parallel to the floor. Ask a friend to help or check the position in a mirror. Ensure to measure accurately before ordering to prevent exchanges for which you will be responsible.

When sizing a sports bra, it is best to base the size on your under-breast / under-pecs measurement, as 80% of support should come from the band sitting in this area. If you are in between sizes, we recommend you select the bigger size if your size is XS-M/L and the smaller size if your size is M/L and up.



Our sizing range

We rely on our community and customer needs when determining our size range. Our size range is based on sizes ordered during pre-sales or crowdfunding campaigns. We do not stock sizes not purchased during our campaigns, as we will run the risk of stocking sizes that end up being shelved. This leads to unnecessary over-production, which directly impacts our environment.

If we do not offer your size, please message steaks@steakswear.com so we can react and include the requested sizes in the new stock.