We offer a 12-month manufacturer warranty on our products after the date of receipt of the product/crowdfunding perks. During these 12 months, AUAU Athletics® will take full responsibility for any failures or defects that occur through regular use. If repair or replacement is impossible, you are eligible for a refund or reduction of the purchase price. Each case will be evaluated individually, and we cannot guarantee a resolution.

Cases that are not covered by the 12-month warranty:

  • Size exchanges: Size exchanges are possible within 30 days of receiving your product (within the 30-day money-back guarantee) and only if the product is returned undamaged and in a re-saleable condition.
  • Change of heart: If you have purchased a product on auau-athletics.com, product exchanges or returns due to a change of heart are possible within 30 days of receiving your product (within the 30-day money-back guarantee).
  • Mistreated products: if the recommended care instructions are ignored, this may result in the products breaking. In this case, we are not responsible for a refund.

Definition of faulty products:

  • Visible holes or torn fabric
  • Bubbles or wrinkles in the fabric that indicate a malfunction of the bonding material for the impact foam, if the product has not been washed yet.
  • Broken accessories, which include: trimmings, clasp and buckles

Some of these issues might happen through regular wear and tear, especially if the product has been stressed through pulling or tearing during athletic activity or if the product has been washed or stored incorrectly. Issues that are solely cosmetic (i.e. detached bonding) and do not affect the functionality, do not fall under the 12-Month Manufacturer Warranty. Issues that affect the functionality can be partially to fully refunded (depending on the usage), after an inspection process. (s. below)


Claiming warranty: Inspection Process

If your purchase from auau-athletics.com dates back no longer than 12 months and you think your product is faulty, please send the following information to steaks@steakswear.com to start the return process:

  • Your purchase date and order confirmation number.
  • An explanation describing the perceived defect and when and how it occurred.
  • Information on how often the product was used during this time and if you have followed the care instructions correctly.
  • Pictures of the product and the defect.

We will take full responsibility for faulty products and carefully evaluate each case individually, but cannot guarantee a resolution. Please view our Return and Refund Policy to learn more about return packaging, shipment and payment refunding.