AUAU Athletics® Press


AUAU Athletics® is a brand from STEAKS® Contact Wear Oy. We have been designing and producing protective activewear for women and gender-diverse athletes since 2014.


5 Reasons why you should do a story on us


#1 We have a value-based design process.

The rebranding process from STEAKS® Contact Wear to AUAU Athletics® began with the definition of our design principles: sustainability, inclusivity and functional design. Our design principles are a guiding north star for all our decisions. We found this has made our everyday decision processes easier while remaining “on brand”, and we would be happy to share more about our process. Additionally, we have found our values deeply interwoven. Read on to find out how.


#2 We offer the best protective activewear for women and gender-diverse athletes.

We believe the products we release are perfect. Their final design is the consequence of a vigorous development phase in which we design, alter, test, incorporate feedback and improvement and then do it all over again - until the design is perfect. We cannot stop raving about the fabrics and materials we choose - they are perfect. Our products are built to last, with a timeless design and protective qualities that can keep up with repeated impact. Our products fit bodies currently underrepresented in the protective activewear segment.


#3 We champion diversity and inclusivity.

As in many other product segments, the world of protective activewear caters mainly to male athletes. We don’t! We design and produce exclusively for women and gender-diverse athletes and have been doing so since 2014. Our designs are optimized for the body shapes of our customers and are tested and evaluated on various body types and sizes. The year 2023 was the year in which women athletes gained visibility, with many international events achieving record viewer numbers. However, it was also the year in which the banning of trans athletes continued by numerous sports federations, and gender-fluid or non-gender-conforming athletes remained nearly invisible. We are not visible enough, but we are many, and not all of us identify as female.


#4 We believe working sustainably means informing holistically.

We believe sustainability is more than “recycled activewear”. It is always a multi-faceted balancing act, particularly for products intended for a consumer market. For us, it is more than choosing functional, renewable or durable materials, their carbon footprint and transparency during production. It is about making sustainable decisions on every aspect of our business, from packaging to storage, production and sizing. We also believe it is about one aspect, often forgotten: providing the necessary information so athletes can make informed decisions confidently.


#5 More people should know about us.

We are a start-up founded and run by two women, collaborating as a remote team from different European countries. We are excited about our brand and products and want to tell as many people as possible. We wear many hats in this undertaking, making it hard to keep up with the many tasks on our lists. If you find our approach, brand and products worthy of support, contact us. We are looking for media partners and collaborators to help spread the word.


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