Hello, we are AUAU Athletics®, a Finnish-based athletic wear company that has been providing high-quality protective activewear for female and gender-diverse athletes since 2014. We have recently rebranded from STEAKS® Contact Wear to AUAU Athletics® and are excited to show you our new and improved game.

Our mission is to enhance athletic experience and confidence with high-quality protective activewear that offers support and impact protection without restricting the freedom of movement and is tailored for a superhero feel. Our collection is based on three core values: functional design, inclusivity, and sustainability.

  • Functional Design

    Functional Design (FI: “toiminnallinen muotoilu”) is deeply rooted in Finnish design, which has always combined practicality and functionality while considering the users and equality. 

    At AUAU Athletics®, we take this seriously and create timeless designs that can keep up with the longevity of our products and materials. It means providing anatomically shaped impact protection where needed - not too much, not too little and perfectly placed. It means increasing the versatility and adjustability of our products for a better fit for each body type and size and use in various sports. 

    We aim to share relevant advice to help our customers make informed decisions and increase awareness of the necessity of protective apparel.

  • Inclusivity

    Inclusivity has always been at the forefront of our company. We have been working towards providing high-quality protective wear for all bodies since 2014, and we want to continue elevating Inclusivity (FI: “osallisuus”) to become one of our core values. We aim to design inclusively for athletes of various genders, including women and gender diverse athletes. Our prototypes are tested on various body types, and we design for all requested sizes and stock as many sizes as a small business can afford. Because if we don’t build it ourselves, no one will.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability (FI: “kestävä kehitys”) is the need of the hour, and we want to do our part in reducing the fashion industry’s environmental impact. We believe in choosing materials wisely and working with durable, long-lasting solutions where renewable solutions are not within reach. We keep an eye on the carbon footprint of our products, from the material to the final shipped product, and ensure our products can be made under good working conditions and with fair wages. We aim to prevent overproduction and build a sustainable business that can keep finding solutions for the needs of our athletes.

Are you ready to support our mission?

At AUAU Athletics®, we believe in empowering our athletes through functional design, inclusivity, and sustainability. If you share these beliefs, join our mailing list today to be informed when the AAVA hits our shop.