For those who have chosen sports as their way of life, the right gear is not just an accessory but a game-changer. At AUAU Athletics®, we understand the diverse needs of athletes, and our mission is to cater to those needs. Let us dive into the features and benefits that make the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra an indispensable companion for athletes across the spectrum.


AAVA - the perfect sports bra for every athlete

Many different athletes are part of the dynamic world of sports and have unique challenges and aspirations. Whether you are a high-performing professional, a competitive enthusiast, or a junior athlete dreaming big, the AAVA is designed to elevate your performance and provide the confidence you need. An effect we like to call the No Pain, More Gain Effect.

  • For those of us who structure our lives around our sport, our sports bra is more than just an accessory — AAVA is a reliable piece of equipment. Engineered to speed up recovery time, enhance performance and minimise layers, AAVA is the ultimate companion when aiming for the stars.
  • For the recreational athletes among us who love the challenge and competition of their sport, the AAVA offers peace of mind, acting as a preventive measure against injuries that can disrupt your athletic journey and other day-to-day responsibilities. Stay fit, healthy, and confident with a sports bra that understands your priorities.
  • For our next generation, the young athletes with ambitions, the AAVA is the most stylish and reliable sports bra that empowers through protection and provides peace of mind for their supportive parents or legal guardians. AAVA is not just an accessory but an investment in their dreams.


Why Choose the AAVA?

Meet some features that set the AAVA apart from the other sports bras.



Full Torso Protection with Customizable Breast Protection

AAVA is not just a sports bra. It protects your entire torso from impact, preventing injuries and speeding up recovery time even after going particularly hard. Say goodbye to those achy, post-gameday hangovers. AAVA ensures comprehensive coverage for inner collarbones, sternum, breasts, and ribs. You can even add hardshell breast protection, a requirement in some sports such as combat sports and a health benefit for athletes in many teams, contact or hardball and bat sports.

Learn more about Unreported Breast Injuries in Female and Gender-Diverse Athletes.



Yin and Yang: Body Armour that feels like a second skin

AAVA is the only sports bra with yin and yang qualities. While the impact foam protecting the torso can harden into a protective shield, reducing impact energy by up to 90%, it is also soft, flexible, and only 4.8mm thick. The anatomical design of the impact foam covers crucial body parts resembling torso armour. The flexible qualities of the material allow you to maintain a complete range of motion and freedom of movement.

Learn more about our impact material PORON XRD®, and its remarkable qualities.



Better protection for longer

Let’s face it: there is no such thing as material with zero ecological impact, which is why we put so much time into sourcing so you can buy less, better. The AAVA fabrics are made from OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, recycled materials for comfort and eco-conscious athletes. The open-cell technology of our impact foam makes it suitable for repeated impact, remaining functional and maintaining its performance hit after hit. Currently, no impact foam is suitable for a circular economy, making its longevity of utter importance.

Learn more about how sustainability affects our material choices.



Fashion that Actually Meets Function

Yes, there are many fashionable athletic wear brands out there, and while many meet the requirements of comfort and style, not many feature the function many athletes require. We strive to tick all the boxes. We strive to offer comprehensive protection for all the vulnerable areas of women and gender-diverse athletes - even the ones currently overlooked in the general discussion.

We strive to create products athletes will want to wear because of their timeless design, their reliability and because they make them feel confident, safe and protected. Our efforts have recently been acknowledged by the Design from Finland Committee. AUAU Athletics® is proud to display the prestigious Design from Finland mark, a testament to our commitment to quality.

Learn more about the Design From Finland mark.


Conclusion and Takeaways

The AAVA Armoured Sports Bra is more than an accessory; it is a confidence booster, a performance enhancer, and a statement of commitment to your athletic journey. We have spent over three years developing and perfecting the AAVA in close collaboration with athletes and other specialists. We believe we have created the perfect sports bra that understands you — your goals, your aspirations, and your passion for the game.


Ready to elevate your athletic experience? Discover the power of confidence with AAVA. Explore our collection!