We are delighted to announce that AUAU Athletics® has been officially accepted to proudly display the coveted Design From Finland mark, an accolade bestowed by the Design from Finland Committee. This achievement represents a significant milestone for our company, symbolising the harmonious fusion of our value-based design approach with the enduring principles of Finnish Design.

Our journey has brought us full circle, as the bedrock of our company values was initially extracted from the very essence of our understanding of "Finnish Design." These principles were refined during workshops held by our company in 2022 and 2023, resulting in our pillars: Sustainability, Inclusivity, and Functional Design.

At AUAU Athletics®, we believe in the power of design to transcend mere aesthetics and make a meaningful impact on people's lives. Our value-based design process has been the guiding force behind our creations, decisions and actions, emphasising form and function and the underlying principles that echo what we believe to be the essence of Finnish Design.


Key Criteria for Design From Finland Mark Holders


Design Excellence

As outlined by suomalainentyo.fi (Design From Finland) website, this criterion pertains to the organisation's commitment to its own design excellence or the utilisation of outsourced design services and/or time invested in the design process.


Uniqueness through Design

The Design From Finland mark emphasises the benefits derived from design investments, contributing to the competitiveness, differentiation, and overall success of the product or service. Additionally, it underscores the importance of social responsibility in design.


User-inspired Design

Since our inception in 2014, we have engaged in a continuous dialogue with our customers, striving to enhance our products. This includes our first customer base primarily Roller Derby Athletes and, more recently Park and Street Skaters, Mountain and Enduro Bikers, Brazilian Ji Juitsu and Muay Thai Athletes, Freeskiiers, Snowboarders and Rugby and Football Athletes.


Transparent Responsibility

Transparency and responsibility in the entire production chain are paramount. This involves public communication about the production chain's structure, domesticity, and risk mitigation concerning suppliers.


About the Association for Finnish Work

The Design From Finland mark is only one of many services provided by the Association for Finnish Work, an organisation dedicated to promoting Finnish work for over a century, emphasising the significance of the country of origin.

The Design From Finland mark is renowned for celebrating companies embodying the spirit of Finnish Design excellence. This acceptance reaffirms our dedication to the values that have shaped our design philosophy and process. As we join this community, we look forward to contributing to the legacy of Finnish Design and continuing to push the boundaries of innovation.

Discover more about the impactful work of the Association for Finnish Work at suomalainentyo.fi.