We all know the importance of comfort and freedom of movement in sports and physical activities. Protective layers, however, are still considered to minimise both, as too many designs and products feature bulky and non-breathable materials.

At AUAU Athletics® we believe proper protection only works when athletes are willing to wear it, which is why our impact protection is PORON XRD®: a groundbreaking impact material that revolutionises the sports gear industry, offering unrivalled high-impact absorption qualities, antimicrobial features, comfort and freedom of movement. In this article, we will explore the incredible benefits of PORON XRD® and its integration into our innovative protective athletic apparel and the first product of our collection: the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra.

Participating in high-impact activities, such as full-contact, combat and some team sports, can subject the body to tremendous stress and strain. Far too often, this results in bruises, joint problems, and even injuries, especially in sensitive areas like the chest. But a new solution has emerged – the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra, fortified with PORON XRD®.


Best Materials for Best Results


PORON XRD® is a state-of-the-art impact material that has gained recognition for its exceptional capabilities. Some of its remarkable features:

  • 90% Shock Absorption: The key attribute of PORON XRD® lies in its ability to absorb and dissipate up to 90% of impact energy. When subjected to force, the material transforms from a soft, flexible state into a shock-absorbing shield, instantly distributing and reducing impact energy across the entire surface. This unparalleled absorption quality helps minimise the risk of injury, offering athletes the confidence to push their limits.
  • Enhanced Comfort and Flexibility: While providing outstanding protection, PORON XRD® also ensures maximum comfort and flexibility. Unlike traditional bulky padding, this innovative material is lightweight and thin, conforming effortlessly to the body's contours. It allows unrestricted movement, enabling athletes to perform at their peak without hindrance or discomfort.
  • Breathable and Long-lasting Open-Cell Technology: PORON XRD® is suitable for repeated impact. It will keep you safe, hit, after fall, after hit, after fall, without losing any of its impact-absorbing qualities. Open-Cell Technology also allows moisture to evaporate and not get trapped inside the insole, which leads to fungal and bacterial growth. These qualities increase the longevity of gear enforced with PORON XRD® ensuring its effectiveness over several seasons.
  • Antimicrobial Properties: In the realm of sports, hygiene is of paramount importance. PORON XRD® is not only a breathable, exceptional impact absorber but also possesses built-in antimicrobial properties. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, thereby minimising odours and promoting a clean and fresh environment during extended workouts.


AAVA: Solving Unique Problems with Functional Design


The AAVA Armoured Sports Bra harnesses the immense potential of PORON XRD® and is a game-changer in sports gear. This innovative bra combines the superior protective qualities of PORON XRD® with cutting-edge product design, providing athletes with the ultimate support, comfort, and peace of mind. Here's what makes it stand out:

Seamless Poron XRD® rib protection of the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra.


Advanced Impact Protection and Anatomical Design

The AAVA Armoured Sports Bra integrates PORON XRD® technology directly into the bra cups and strategic support zones in the upper body. An anatomical design ensures optimal impact absorption, guarding against potential injuries and reducing strain on the chest area. AAVA protects collar bones, breasts, sternum and ribs.


Feel like a superhero wearing the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra.


Customised Fit and Superhero Feel

Designed and fitted for diverse body types and activity levels, the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra offers a personalised fit. The PORON XRD® material moulds to the shape of the wearer, delivering a tailored experience, that adapts to their unique physique and movement patterns.


Inside of the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra: breathable mesh lining, support band and Poron XRD® material covering the chest area.


Breathable and Moisture-Wicking

Built with breathability in mind, the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra incorporates moisture-wicking properties to keep athletes dry and comfortable. This feature is especially beneficial during intense workouts or warm weather conditions, preventing heat build-up and promoting optimal performance.


Elevate your game without compromising safety or comfort


The integration of PORON XRD® in the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra redefines the concept of sports bras and sports protection. Athletes can confidentially train and compete, knowing their bodies are shielded by an advanced impact material that absorbs shock, provides antimicrobial properties, and ensures unmatched comfort. With PORON XRD® technology, the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra truly elevates the game. Athletes have the freedom to excel in their pursuits without compromising on safety.

So, whether you're a professional athlete, a beginner, or someone returning to your sport after an injury, the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra is a game-changing investment that prioritises your well-being without compromising performance. It is an upgrade to your sports gear and athletic experience: the unbeatable combination of protection, comfort, and style!

The AAVA Armoured Sports Bra is the first product of our new collection featuring a wide range of protective athletic apparel for female and gender-diverse athletes.


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