Hey there, amazing athletes! We have some exciting news that we can no longer keep to ourselves. We are hosting our very first digital advent calendar exclusively for our mailing list subscribers! 🤩 It is our way of saying THANK YOU for your trust and, most importantly patience this past year as we continue the relaunch of our collection.

If you are not already part of our fantastic mailing list community, now is the perfect time to become a subscriber. Trust us: you will not want to miss this!


How the Athletic Advent Calendar Works

Starting on November 27 and running all the way through December 21, we have four weeks of surprises lined up for you. That's right, four weeks of excitement just for you!


We have 4 fabulous giveaways set up for you. One giveaway per week - which we will reveal in our weekly Athletic Advent Calendars mailing.


Each week, we will reveal a brand-new, fabulous giveaway that will get your heart racing faster than a sprint finish. These surprises are carefully selected, so if you have been following our social media content recently, we can guarantee they are of the highest interest to any athlete out there. 🎉

And here's the best part: all our mailing list subscribers are automatically entered into the raffle. So, if you are not already on the list, there is no need to worry! You still have time to join because we pick new winners each week.


Our talented, unbiased and dashing raffle masters (left to right): Elvis, Pikkukissa, and Vinski


How winners will be selected

Our raffle masters, Elvis, Pikkukissa, and Visnki, will work their magic, randomly selecting one lucky subscriber by choosing a max of 4 numbers each week. The numbers will correlate with a position on the subscriber list, and the person in this position will be our weekly winner. For transparency, the raffle master process will be documented and shared on social media. You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook to experience this captivating process.

Once we have our winners, we will shoot them an email to spread the good news! If the winners are backers from our AAVA Armoured Sports Bra Crowdfunding, the gifts will be sent out with their AAVA. If they are not waiting on an AAVA order, we will ask when to best send out the gifts via mail.

You can check out the 2023 Advent Calendar Giveaway Terms on the Customer Care Pages.


The Benefits of Being an AUAU Athletics® Mailing List Subscriber

Subscribing to our mailing list isn't just about the advent calendar (though that is a fantastic reason!). Our mailing list is a treasure trove of exclusive content and offers tailored just for you.

And don't worry - we respect your time and your inbox. We promise not to flood you with unnecessary emails. We will only pop up in your inbox when we have genuinely exciting news to share. No spam, just pure athletic goodness! 💌

So, here's the deal - subscribe to our mailing list to be eligible for our incredible advent calendar and become part of our athletic adventure all year long. Do not miss out on the excitement, the surprises, and the benefits of being an AUAU Athletics® insider. Subscribe today, and let's make this holiday season one to remember! 🎉