Finding the perfect fitting sports bra involves a combination of understanding your body, knowing your size, considering the level of support you need, and trying different options. In our article Find the perfect sports bra to suit your athletic needs, we have tips that help you identify your personal functional requirements for a sports bra. This post will help you find the ideal sports bra that offers comfort and support with a comprehensive guide. From understanding your body to measuring correctly, we will walk you through the process of sizing a sports bra that fits like a dream. Say goodbye to ill-fitting bras and discomfort – read on to find your perfect sports bra size and enjoy your workouts like never before!


Know your Size

When googling “How many people wear the wrong bra size", you will find many articles which suggest at least 80% of people are walking through life with an ill-fitting bra. During our interview with Jen, a professional bra fitter, she revealed that in her experience, this number is even higher, estimating that 99% of her clients are wearing the wrong size. While knowing your size seems like a no-brainer, finding it is not as easy as one might believe. Most people (including us, before we had a professional fitting with Jen) cannot identify a properly fitting bra.


Measure correctly

A correct fit starts with the measurements. Two main numbers are your bust and underbust/under-pecs circumference. Measure your bust and underbust/pecs by using a soft measuring tape. Use these measurements to determine your bra size. The underbust/pecs measurement will help you find the correct band size (the number before the cup size). The bust measurement will help to identify the cup size (the letters). Always measure standing upright, without clothes, and ensure the measuring tape is parallel to the floor. Ask a friend to help, or check the position in a mirror. Do not pull the measuring tape too tight when measuring your bust size to ensure your breast tissue fits into the cup comfortably.



Measuring Instructions

  • Bust: Measure underarms around the fullest part of your chest. Do not pull the measuring tape too tight to prevent breasts from becoming too compressed, causing spillage.
  • Underbust/pecs: Measure under arms and around. When taking measurements under breasts/pecs ensure the measuring tape fits tight, as 80% of support should come from the band sitting in this area.
  • Waist: If you are sizing the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra, you will also need to know your wait measurement, as the bra closure of the AAVA sits at your waist due to the integrated rib protection. Stand with your feet slightly apart, and place the measuring tape above your belly button at the smallest part of your waist. Relax your stomach and wrap the tape around your waist. Make sure to keep the tape snug, but not tight.

THE END… 💜❤️ … This would be the end of this article if all bodies were the same and all sports bras were manufactured by the same people with the same materials. But as that is not the case, we recommend you keep reading.


Review sizing for each sports bra

While you must have an accurate starting point, be aware that sports bras might still have variations in sizing but especially fit. During our interview with Jen from The Boob Whisperer revealed that different styles might fit your body differently. If you have not watched the interview, we recommend you check out this chapter for more on bra styles and their fit on our YouTube channel. Style variations can affect sizing, meaning that the individual evaluation of the fit of a sports bra is as essential as knowing your measurements.


Identify the Perfect Fit

A well-fitting sports bra should be comfortable and supportive throughout your workout. It should not chafe, rub, or cause discomfort. If the bra is causing you any pain or discomfort, it is not the right fit and/or size. When trying on sports bras, pay attention to these aspects:

  • Band: The band should sit snugly below your breasts and around your ribcage without digging in. You should be able to comfortably fit two fingers under the band. If you can fit more fingers, the band circumference is too large. If you can position less, it is too small.
  • Cups: The cups should completely encapsulate your breasts for optimal support and comfort without causing spillage or gaping. If the breast tissue spills out of the bra, the size is too small. If gaping occurs, meaning if there is too much space between the fabric and the breast tissue, the size is too large, or the style might not be suitable for your anatomy.
  • Straps: Straps should stay in place without digging into your shoulders. Adjustable straps allow you to customize the fit. Use the same two-finger rule for the straps as for the band. If the band rides up in the back, try a smaller band size (i.e. try 80 instead of 85), but keep in mind that you might have to go up one cup size (C cup instead of a B cup) if the sports bra uses cup sizing.
  • Movement: Jump, stretch, and move around to see how the bra holds up during different activities. Evaluate how you feel and compare it with the sports bra you already own and feel is most suitable for your athletic needs. Use a mirror or slo-mo videos to compare the two.
  • Try Before Buying: Try on different sports bras before making a purchase. Visit a specialised activewear or lingerie store, where you can find various options to try on. If you plan to purchase online, check the return policy in case the fit is not right.

Regular Reevaluation, Replacement and Care

Your body can change over time and due to training results, making it essential to reassess your sports bra size and fit periodically. If you notice any changes in comfort or support, it might be time to find a new bra and/or size.

Even the most sturdy sports bra will wear out with time. The good news is that, as in your training, you hold the power to the endurance of your sports bra. The correct care for your garment can increase its longevity and ensure ongoing functionality. Washing your sports bra with the recommended washing instructions and using a washing bag will increase the time you can spend together. Most sports bras are made with functional, synthetic fibres, which release microplastics into the water with each washing cycle. A washing bag such as the GUPPYFRIEND® Washing Bag will help prevent these microplastics from entering our rivers and oceans.


A helpful tip we received from The Boob Whisperer.


Handwashing sports bras and rinsing them, instead of washing them after each use, will make them last even longer. The AAVA Armoured Sports Bra was designed with longevity in mind. The impact foam used in AAVA features Microban® antimicrobial technology, which inhibits the growth of stain- and odour-causing bacteria, mould and mildew. This makes it safe to rinse AAVA after each use, which reduces washing cycles. Learn more about our impact material in this blog post.


Remember that finding the perfect sports bra might take a bit of trial and error. Do not settle for discomfort or inadequate support. Invest the time to find a sports bra that makes you feel comfortable, supported, and confident during your workouts.

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