Lower-Body Protection: STEAKS® Contact Wear

Flesh Diamond Shorts (midi)

Increase performance and speed up recovery time with tailored crash shorts offering lower-body impact protection.
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Protected Areas
  • coccyx/tailbone
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Description and Features

The Flesh Diamond Shorts are comfortable shorts made from a soft, technical fabric, offering nearly invisible impact protection for the coccyx. The anatomically shaped, low-profile coccyx protection pad allows a complete range of movement, making the Flesh Diamond Short suitable to wear as a single layer or underlayer. The tailbone pad is removable. The adjustable wide waist, crotch gusset and high rise at the back ensure maximum comfort during movement. The leg length of the midi model in size S-M is 20cm/7.9 inch, measured from the crotch down.

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Tested with athletes for the following sports:

Flesh FAQ

  • laundry AUAU Athletics® Protective Activewear Care

    The correct care for your AUAU Athletics® product will increase the longevity of your product, which is better for you and the environment. Please follow these instructions.


    Rinse after each use

    Rinse with cold water after every use and hang it up to dry. This prevents unwanted odours and will allow for fewer washes and longer-lasting products. If your product is in regular use you can repeat this for 5-10 uses before a proper wash. But remember to wash your product before storing it for a break.


    Machine wash cold or hand wash

    We recommend washing your product with no more than 30°C/86° F. The Microban® Antimicrobial treatment of our impact foam renders higher temperatures unnecessary.

    Washing your product in an Eco-Washing bag such as the GUPPYFRIEND® washing bag with further increase the longevity of your product while filtering microplastic fibres out before they pollute water.

    If you want to further increase the longevity, we recommend you use a no-rinse laundry product such as SOAK. Soak your AAVA for 15 Minutes, squeeze out water and hang dry.


    Line Dry or Lay Flat

    Dry your AUAU Athletics® products by hanging them or laying them flat. Never put them in the dryer.


    Absolute No, Nos

    Do not store your product in a way that folds the impact foam, as this can cause the foam to break. Instead, lay flat or hang. Do not use softeners or chemical wash. Never put your AUAU Athletics® product in the dryer.

  • contact_support Which Crash Pants are the right ones for me?

    The impact protection best suited for you depends on your athletic needs. Check out these padding tips to find out what injuries our padding options prevent:

    • Coccyx/Tailbone: any full-contact or action sport can result in athletes falling back and landing on their butt resulting in painful coccyx injuries with extended recovery time. This is why every model of our Crash Pants Collection has removable tailbone protection.
    • Hip Bones: recommended protection if movements or contact scenarios in your sport tend to throw you forward and to the ground, leaving your pointy hip bones bruised. Available in Basic Crash Shorts and Full Crash Shorts.
    • Hip Sides: to prevent the multi-coloured bruises (resembling galaxies far, far away) - results of falls onto the side of your hip or bum. Available in Basic Crash Shorts and Full Crash Shorts.
    • Thigh: if your sport tends to get you into situations that create numbing dead legs. Available in: Full Crash Shorts.
    • Coccyx+: if you are recovering from a tailbone injury or tend to land on your butt a lot. This additional protective layer can be found in our Contact Wear Accessories Section.
  • straighten STEAKS® Crash Pants size guide

    STEAKS® Crash Pants - Size Guide

    • Size Waist Hip/Seat
      XS / EU34 64-67 88-91
      S / EU36 68-71 92-95
      S-M / EU38 68-71 96-100
      M-L / EU40 72-75 101-106
      L / EU42 76-79 107-112
      XL / EU44 80-83 113-118
      2XL / EU46 84-87 119-124
      3XL / EU48 88-96 125-129
      4XL / EU50 96-104 130-135
      5XL / EU52 102-112 136-141
      6XL / EU54 110-120 142-147
      EU56 118-128 148-153
      EU58 126-136 154-159
      EU60 134-144 160-165
    • Size Waist Hip/Seat
      XS / EU34 25.20-26.38 34.65-35.83
      S / EU36 26.77-27.95 36.22-37.40
      S-M / EU38 26.77-27.95 37.80-39.37
      M-L / EU40 28.35-29.53 39.76-42.13
      L / EU42 29.92-31.10 42.52-44.88
      XL / EU44 31.50-32.68 45.28-47.64
      2XL / EU46 33.07-34.25 48.03-50.39
      3XL / EU48 34.65-37.80 49.21-50.79
      4XL / EU50 37.80-40.94 51.18-53.15
      5XL / EU52 40.16-44.09 53.54-55-51
      6XL / EU54 43.31-47.24 55.91-57.87
      EU56 46.46-50.39 58.27-60.24
      EU58 49.61-53.54 60.63-62.60
      EU60 52.76-56.69 62.99-64.96

    The size guide is for guidance only. If these sizes differ significantly from the size you normally wear, choose the size you normally wear. If you are uncertain or your size isnʼt on the chart don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.


    Some tips on how to find the correct size for you

    The Contact Wear garments are elastic, which ensures a small size margin. We still recommend you read these tips carefully to prevent having to return a purchased product.

    • How to measure correctly: When measuring, always measure standing upright and without clothes. Make sure to measure correctly before ordering.
    • Sizing Contact Wear Bottoms: If you are between sizes, order one size up as the padding does not stretch very much. Choose the size closest to your hip/seat measurement. The waist measurement is secondary when sizing bottoms unless you have a significantly wider waist.
  • Fabrics
  • 90% Shock Absorption
  • Fair production
  • Experience maximum comfort in skin-safe fabrics. Our STEAKS® Collection is made from nylon and polyester certified with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, guaranteeing skin safety. The fabric is thick and sturdy (220gr/m2), guaranteeing product longevity. 

  • The impact foam used in the STEAKS® Collection sounds like magic but is actually science. It is remarkably soft and flexible, only 4,8 mm thick, but capable of absorbing 90% of impact energy - stiffening to form a protective shell when under pressure or subject to external impact. It eliminates the bulk that most protective apparel has without compromising protection. Its open-cell technology makes it suitable for repeated impact protection. The material will remain effective and maintain its performance hit after hit. Plus, it features Microban® antimicrobial technology to inhibit the growth of stain- and odour-causing bacteria, mould and mildew.

  • At AUAU Athletics®, we take pride in our production process and the working conditions of our production partner's employees. We source all of our materials from Europe. STEAKS® products were produced in Lithuania under fair working conditions that pay fair living wages. When you buy from us, you can feel confident that you're supporting a company that values sustainability, ethical production, and female and gender-diverse athletes.

We are on a mission to enhance your athletic experience and confidence