We are a European company that specializes in designing and producing protective athletic wear for female and gender-diverse athletes. Our products are stylish, comfortable and handmade with love and care, using the highest quality materials and production methods.

Designed by female athletes for female and gender-diverse athletes

Our story began in 2014 when our founder, Suvi Alalantela, was playing roller derby (a fast-paced, full-contact sport played on roller skates) and couldn't find suitable protective gear for her body. Wanting to protect a hematoma caused by the sport and prevent a new one, she could not find non-bulky and non-restrictive impact protection made for the female body. Today we are still one of the few companies optimizing our designs for the female body. We produce sustainably in the highest possible quality and under fair working conditions.

  • Experience maximum comfort in eco-friendly and skin-safe fabrics.

    We take pride in the materials we use to make our products. Our base collection is made from recycled nylon and polyester, sourced from waste such as old fishing nets and industrial plastics.

    These fabrics help reduce waste and are certified with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, guaranteeing skin safety.

    Soft and stretchable are two fabric characteristics you will feel on your skin. Knowing the fabrics have been independently tested for harmful substances and are harmless to human health is reassuring. Wearing fabrics you know have helped clean out waste of our oceans is the cherry on top of the superhero feel of our products.

  • Feel like a superhero with the protection of unrivalled shock absorption.

    The impact foam used in our products and protecting your body sounds like magic but is actually science. It is remarkably soft and flexible, only 4,8mm thick, but capable of absorbing 90% of impact energy, stiffening to form a protective shell when under pressure or subject to external impact. It eliminates the bulk that most protective apparel has without compromising protection and its open-cell technology makes it suitable for repeated impact protection. The material will remain effective and maintain its performance hit after hit. Plus, it features Microban® antimicrobial technology to inhibit the growth of stain- and odour-causing bacteria, mould and mildew.

  • Buy with confidence, knowing we produce with fair wages and working conditions.

    At AUAU Athletics, we take pride in our production process and the working conditions of our production partner's employees. We source all of our materials from Europe, and our final products are also produced in Europe under fair working conditions that pay fair living wages. When you buy from us, you can feel confident that you're supporting a company that values sustainability, ethical production, and female athletes.

If you're looking for athletic wear that is not only functional, stylish and comfortable but also sustainable and ethically produced, then look no further than AUAU Athletics.

Our products are athlete focused and made with the highest quality materials and production methods. Feel like a superhero with our unrivalled shock absorption technology and know you are supporting a company that values sustainability and fair working conditions. Join our Mailing List.