Checkout Options

You can checkout as a guest or register an account on By registering an account, you can view and manage your orders. You can store your billing and shipping address on our secure server, making checking out quicker and simpler. We are a European Company working in compliance with the EU GDPR law. Find out more about this law here:

During a crowdfunding campaign, we can only offer checkout and payment options the platform provides. Please refer to our crowdfunding platform to learn more about their checkout and payment options.


Payment & Payment Options

On, you can select your preferred payment option during checkout. We collect payments through Shopify Pay, which offers different options depending on your location:

  • EU-countries: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, ShopPay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and IBAN transactions (wire transfer)
  • The rest of the world: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, ShopPay, Apple Pay and Google Pay

A confirmation email will automatically be sent out when payment has been received. Receiving a confirmation email informs you that the purchase has been completed. If you have not received a confirmation email, something might have gone wrong, and the purchase has not been processed.

If we are hosting a crowdfunding campaign, the payment options of the campaign platform are binding. No exceptions can be made.


Sales Tax, Customs & Import Fees

Orders from EU countries include and are displayed with VAT. As sales tax does not apply in non-EU countries, non-EU customers can purchase AAVA for a VAT-less price.

However, additional costs such as customs broker fees, customs fees or import taxes may apply for customers outside of the EU. These costs cannot be influenced by AUAU Athletics® and are payable by the customer.

If you purchase our products during a crowdfunding campaign, we ship with taxes and duties paid for all EU and non-EU countries. This means after shipping is paid, you will have no additional costs!