Our mission is to empower and elevate the athletic journey for women and gender-diverse athletes engaged in team, contact, and combat sports. We are dedicated to providing first-class protective activewear that ensures optimal support and impact protection and celebrates the essence of individuality and strength.

At AUAU Athletics®, we understand the importance of feeling like a superhero on the field, track or ring, and our collection is meticulously designed to embody just that. Our activewear is not just about protection; it's a dynamic fusion of fashion and function, delivering a sense of empowerment with every move.


Enhancing the athletic experience through a value-based Design Process


Embracing our three core values - Functional Design, Inclusivity, and Sustainability - our products are crafted to meet the unique needs of women and gender-diverse athletes.

We prioritize Functional Design to achieve seamless integration of performance and style, ensuring our activewear enhances your abilities without compromising comfort.

Inclusivity is at the heart of what we do. We celebrate the diverse identities within the sports community, providing activewear that caters to all body types and expressions. Every piece in our collection is a statement of unity, fostering a sense of belonging for every athlete.

Moreover, Sustainability is a commitment woven into the fabric of our brand. We strive to minimize our environmental impact with eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing practices. This dedication extends beyond the playing field, reflecting our responsibility towards the planet and future generations.


With AUAU Athletics®, athletes can experience a revolution in athletic activewear that meets the highest protection standards and functional performance and embraces their uniqueness. We strive to redefine their athletic journey with confidence, style, and purpose.

Learn more about our core values on our Mission & Values page.