Join us on an exclusive behind-the-scenes journey of our recent fit session for the revolutionary AAVA Armoured Sports Bra. Discover how our dedication to inclusivity and functionality in action, contact, combat and team sports led us to craft the perfect protective sports bra. Let's dive into the action-packed week and the importance of properly fitting athletic wear for comfort, protection, and faster recovery.


The Quest for Perfection

At AUAU Athletics®, our mission is to craft functional and stylish athleticwear that caters to athletes of all shapes and sizes. The AAVA Armoured Sports Bra fit session was a crucial step in ensuring the brilliance of our product. We believe every athlete deserves apparel that fits like a glove, empowering them to perform at their best.


Embracing Inclusivity and Diversity in Sports

Fitness is a diverse community and so are the body types of those involved. Our fit session featured inspiring models with different body shapes from various sports, including roller derby skaters, MTB bikers, freeskiers, and a horseback-riding drag king. We've also tested the fit at Crossfit Boxes and Martial Arts Dojos, ensuring our AAVA Armoured Sports Bra is designed for ALL athletes.


Left: Midian plays Roller Derby for Your Nordic Roller Skaters (Tampere). Her height is 1,63cm, and her measurements are 102,5cm (Bust), 82cm (Under Bust/Pecs), and 84cm (Waist). Her perfect fit: size EU42/L. Right: Amma is a MTB rider and Freeskier. Her height is 1,60cm, and her measurements are 85cm (Bust), 70cm (Under Bust/Pecs), and 68cm (Waist). Her perfect fit: size EU36/S.


The Art of Precision: Fine-Tuning for Excellence

Protective athleticwear requires meticulous attention to detail. We carefully examined every aspect of the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra during the fit session. From fabric stretch to strap adjustment, we ensured maximum comfort, support, and coverage to enhance the performance of athletes in action sports, contact sports, team sports, and combat sports.


During Fit Sessions we find and correct the final flaws to ensure a perfect product. Johanna plays Roller Derby for Helsinki Roller Derby and was way happier with the new armpit structure. Her height is 1,73cm, and her measurements are 93cm (Bust), 84cm (Under Bust/Pecs), and 70cm (Waist). Her perfect fit: size EU40/ML.


The fit session notes became our blueprint for perfection. Our CEO and Product Designer, Suvi carefully analyzed each model's feedback, using their insights for necessary optimizations. Our goal is to push the boundaries and deliver top-notch athletic apparel. We want the AAVA to go above and beyond.

Our Tampere Offices and surrounding locations transformed into a bustling photo studio as Suvi clicked away, capturing the essence of the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra on our fabulous models. The smiles, the poses, and the determination were all about showcasing the power of tailored athleticwear, portraying that confidence and comfort go hand in hand.


The Importance of Proper Fitting Athleticwear

When it comes to sports, comfort and protection are non-negotiable. Ill-fitting apparel can cause discomfort, distractions, and even injury during intense workouts. The AAVA Armoured Sports Bra was born from the understanding that a perfectly fitted protective gear can revolutionize your fitness journey. It empowers athletes to focus on what truly matters - smashing their goals!

With the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra, you can unlock your true potential. The right fit provides support and confidence, allowing you to tackle any challenge with determination and drive. Say goodbye to worries about your apparel and focus solely on acing those reps and elevating your performance to new heights!


During Fit Sessions we take one final look at how the product behaves with movement and eye it closely from all sides. Johnny G Spot (left) whose sports are Drag and Horseback riding is 1,62cm tall, and their measurements are 110cm (Bust), 91cm (Under Bust/Pecs), and 88cm (Waist). Their perfect fit: size EU44/XL. Sanna plays Roller Derby, is 1,70cm tall, and her measurements are 102cm (Bust), 94cm (Under Bust/Pecs), and 92cm (Waist). Their perfect fit: size EU46/2XL.


Join the New Era of Contact Wear

At AUAU Athletics®, we're not just creating protective athleticwear, we are building a movement. We invite you to join us on this journey by embracing the importance of well-fitting protective athleticwear, and together, let's make fitness a more enjoyable and injury-free experience for everyone.

The AAVA Armoured Sports Bra is more than just a piece of clothing; it's a symbol of inclusivity and functionality in action, contact, combat and team sports, combining comfort with protection, and allowing faster recovery.

Stay tuned for the launch of AAVA, and get ready to experience the ultimate blend of style, performance, and comfort. Sign-up to be informed when the AAVA hits our shop in late September/early October.

Until then, keep chasing those fitness dreams with passion and determination! Stay active, stay inspired, and keep pushing your limits!