We believe in sports every victory should be celebrated and every setback should function as a lesson learned. At AUAU Athletics®, we recognize and celebrate the dedication, passion, and resilience of athletes across all disciplines and on all levels. That's why we're thrilled to infom about our 2024 sports sponsorship program, designed to champion the spirit of every athlete, from amateurs, rookies to seasoned pros.


Sponsorship Program Details: A New Approach for 2024

Unlike our previous sponsorship model with STEAKS® Contact Wear, we are shaking things up in 2024. Rather than assembling a dedicated crew of sponsored athletes, we're opening our doors to athletes and teams from diverse backgrounds and sports for a limited time. We believe this approach aligns seamlessly with our guiding claim known to STEAKS® afficicandos as: "Every Athlete is the MVP."

During the STEAKS® years this claim was alive and well in programs such as the STEAKS® Rookie in which we sponsored a beginner athlete with free products and access to the STEAKS® Crew members who had agreed to function as mentors for the rookie. The AUAU Athletics® Sponsorship Program we want to take things a step further.


What AUAU Athletics® Sponsoring can do for you

Since 2014, we've been committed to safeguarding athletes. While our previous collection, STEAKS® Contact Wear, was renowned in roller derby, we're now launching our new line under the AUAU Athletics® banner and for all team, contact and combat sports, starting with the innovative AAVA Armoured Sports Bra.

We are offering various sponsorship packages, including free or heavily discounted AAVA Armoured Sports Bras, and some even feature cash sponsorships for leagues. By trying out AAVA, athletes can experience the peace of mind that protective activewear brings, with benefits like improved recovery time and bruise prevention. All we ask is return is your feedback and that we can document and share your experience with our audience.


Values and Approach: Inclusivity and Sustainability at the Forefront

We have the functional design and are seeking collaborations with athletes or leagues championing inclusivity and sustainability. If you or your league share these values or are eager to test and provide feedback on our products, we are looking forward to hearing from you. While we're starting modestly with four sponsorships per year, we envision boundless growth in the future.


🌶 The Spice of Life - on Inclusivity

In the realm of sports, inclusivity means fostering a safe and supportive environment for athletes of all backgrounds. Whether you're a league promoting diversity or an individual athlete mentoring others, we want to hear from you.


😊 No Pain, More Gain - on Sustainability

Sustainability in sports entails programs and training structures that nurture the sport's growth without overburdening athletes. If you or your league advocate for smart training and injury prevention, let's collaborate.


Apply for the 2024 AUAU Athletics® Sponsorship Program

Are you ready to become a part of our 2024 sponsorship lineup? We invite athletes and leagues who embody the spirit of inclusivity and sustainability to join us. To nominate a deserving athlete or league for our sponsorship program, forward this article to them, tag them and encourage them to get in touch with us via the 2024 AUAU Athletics® Sports Sponsorship Form.

The MVP could be closer than you think! Let's make this year one to remember for athletes of all backgrounds and disciplines.