🚨 Important Update! Our production partner has informed us that we have a three-week delay due to a sick wave. The specialists working on the AAVA production are stuck at home ill, and no employee with the required skill set can fulfil the order in time for 21.12.2023. The new arrival date is 15.01.2024, meaning the waiting time has increased by three weeks.


We are over the moon and excited to announce a confirmed arrival date for the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra! AAVA is estimated to land at our headquarters in Tampere, Finland, on 21.12.2023. We will do our best to get the orders made during the crowdfunding campaign out immediately and as quickly as possible!
We are sorry that our Indiegogo Crowdfunding Backers had to wait three additional months for delivery. We cannot thank them enough for their patience and support! Without them, this project would have never seen the light of day! 🙏


We cannot express how excited we are to finally release AAVA into the wild. We cannot wait to see it in action and receive your feedback, which is why we are hosting the A Penny For Your Thoughts Giveaway.


The AAVA Armoured Sports Bra will be stocked by selected retailers.

If you are unsure about purchasing AAVA online, we have exciting news! AAVA will be available in selected retail spots. You can find our retailers here.

If you are a retailer interested in stocking the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra, contact steaks@steakswear.com for more information.


(Sports) Bra Sizing and Fitting Tips

During September and October, we focused on answering several frequently asked questions on (sports) bra selection, sizing and fitting in our blog. If you have your eye on purchasing an AAVA, we recommend our Health & Wellness Blog. It is a treasure trove of bra-fitting knowledge, so check it out, even if you are not considering a purchase. Everyone with boobs should know this stuff.