Our protective athletic wear collection is elastic, which ensures a small size margin. It is still important to select the right size so the impact foam is in the right spot. We recommend you read these tips carefully to prevent having to return a purchased product.


How do I measure correctly?

Always measure standing upright, without clothes, and ensure the measuring tape is positioned correctly. Ask a friend to help or check the position in a mirror. Ensure to measure accurately before ordering to prevent exchanges for which you will be responsible.


I want to purchase a sports bra and am in between sizes. Which size should I choose?

When choosing a sports bra size, it is best to base the size on your under-breast / under-pecs measurement, as 80% of support should come from the band sitting in this area. If you are in-between sizes, we recommend you select the bigger size if your size is XS-M/L and the smaller size if your size is M/L and up.