In the vibrant streets of Prague, amidst the historic charm and cultural vibrance, lives Lucie Olmrová, known affectionately as "Mörkö" to her peers. Lucie isn't your average Prague resident; she's a roller derby skater with a decade of Roller Derby under her belt. Roller Derby isn't just a sport; it's a high-octane fusion of adrenaline, community, and resilience. Imagine a high-speed, strategic, full-contact game like Rugby but on roller skates.

Lucie is the winner of our Penny For Your Thoughts Giveaway. The review she left on Facebook for the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra granted her league, Prague City Roller Derby, a donation of 100€. Today, we're diving deep into the world of Roller Derby and Lucie’s journey into the sport, which isn't just about the game but about passion, camaraderie, and the quest for protection and performance.


For the Love of Quad: Lucie's Roller Derby Odyssey


Lucie's roller derby journey began unconventionally, fueled not just by the allure of the sport but by her deep-seated love for roller skating itself. In a country where quad skating was scarce, Roller Derby emerged as an unexpected gateway for Lucie to master her skating skills. What started as a quest for skating proficiency evolved into a decade-long devotion to roller derby, shaping the very fabric of her life.


Roller Derby: Quad Skates, Full-Contact & Community

Lucie's journey into the world of roller derby is as unique as it is inspiring. A decade ago, all Lucie wanted to do was quench her thirst for roller skating. Faced with limited options, she stumbled upon Prague City Roller Derby, a beacon of opportunity amidst the Czech capital, which was so visually appealing that she decided to try it.

"My journey into roller derby wasn't conventional," Lucie reflects. "I wasn't initially drawn to the sport itself, but rather to the art of roller skating." Yet, what began as a quest for skating skills evolved into a deep-rooted passion for roller derby and its vibrant community.


Lucie’s review on Facebook put her into the pot of reviewers; we randomly chose a winner for our Penny For Your Thought Giveaway. ©Doris Borovcová


For Lucie, Roller Derby isn't just about the game—it's about the people and the palpable camaraderie permeating the track. "As a new skater, I was far from polished, but the supportive community kept me coming back," she shares. "In Roller Derby, we're more than teammates; we're a family united by our love for the sport. We make everything from scratch because no big organisations are helping you. You are on your own, but that brings you closer together. It's a DIY sport with an energetic community that goes beyond roller skating.”

Lucie was hooked and soon became Mörkö (engl. The Groke,—Lucie's roller derby alter ego, inspired by the Finnish kid’s books and TV show, the Moomins. "Mörkö embodies both strength and softness," she explains. "Everything she touches freezes immediately. So, the other characters are terrified of her because everywhere she goes, she brings ice and fear. However, Mörkö is sweet inside and simply wants to hang out with the others, but she cannot because she would hurt them. I found Mörkö to be the perfect Roller Derby name because you're fierce and want to look a bit scary for the others, but I feel like I'm really soft and just want to hang out with people. I thought the name would fit my personality and love it.”


Armoured and Ready: Mörkö's Game-Changing Gear Discovery


Roller Derby is a full-contact sport that is typically played on an oval track by two teams of five members each. The players skate in the same direction around the track, while one team member, called the "jammer," tries to pass through the opposing team's blockers to score points. On the other hand, the blockers work to prevent the opposing jammer from passing through while also assisting their own jammer. Roller Derby is known for its physicality, strategy, and fast-paced action. It is a sport where the proper protection can become a game changer.

While Mörkö knew about our previous Contact Wear Collection (STEAKS® Contact Wear), she had never invested in any protective tops. However, when we launched the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra on Indiegogo in 2023, the timing was right for her:” I was looking for a product made by Roller Derby skaters because they know the sport and spots that need protection.”


Lucie Olmrová, aka Mörkö in the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra and epic natural lighting. ©Doris Borovcová


AAVA offered the perfect blend of protection and mobility, empowering Mörkö to face hits with confidence and resilience. She trusted that our company’s background in Roller Derby ( would ensure a product that could keep her petite and bony body protected—not only during games but also during training sessions.

The AAVA has helped me be more fearless regarding hits during training. When you get hit during a game, that is simply how the game goes, and you don’t think about it. But when you practise hitting drills during training, everyone suddenly becomes scared that a painful moment might await you. Now, I don’t have to be scared anymore. I can withstand much harder hits now because I feel that I have this extra layer that is helping me not be that scared of hard hits, giving me lots of confidence. When wearing it in a game, blocking face-to-face, I usually try to be compact and am super protective about my ribs. But now I feel like I don't have to be as careful, which makes me more comfortable and able to focus more on the game rather than worrying about painful hits. AAVA is exactly what I needed.


Comfort is Queen: why Fit and Fabric matter.

While the protective features of AAVA have heightened Mörö’s training and game experience, she says her favourite feature is that AAVA helps her feel unrestricted and empowered on the track. “I don't feel restricted by it. It's not like I'm wearing a corset or something. It's super soft, and I really like the movement, so I don't have to think about it when I wear it. That was something that surprised me the most,” Mörkö recalls. “I love the material. It's very similar to my Roller Derby Jersey, so it feels seamless. (...) It's super comfortable since I figured out the perfect settings (for the bra closure and adjustable straps).”

We love that Mörkö's journey with the AAVA isn’t just about physical protection but also a boost of confidence, which is comfortable enough to become part of her regular gear. Competing in a full-contact sport while building a grassroots Roller Derby community is tough enough! If AAVA can bring some comfort and peace of mind to hard-working athletes such as Mörkö, that would make us happy!


Tiny and Mighty: Roller Derby in the Czech Republic


The Prague City Roller Derby and Cheer Squad ©Jan Hutter (photography portfolio on


Roller Derby isn't just about individual triumphs; it's about fostering a thriving community. Mörkö's league, Prague City Roller Derby (, epitomises resilience and camaraderie, weathering challenges with grace and determination. The other two Roller Derby teams in the Czech Republic are the Hard Breaking Dolls, which also reside in Prague and the Roller Derby Brno Freakshow.

All teams travel to neighbouring countries within Europe to compete in their sport. Mörkö’s team has previously travelled to or hosted games against Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Sweden and Finland.

Yeah, it's basically a full weekend event if you want to travel for a game like you. Sometimes, you even have to take time off from work. It's not that easy. I know that, for example, you have the Bundesliga in Germany, which is super cool because you have it organised. The travelling is probably not that hard. But for us, travelling is the only option for having a game. We are trying to have fun when travelling, so the people who travel receive a little reimbursement from the league, but of course, that's all organised and paid by us in the end.”

Mörkö only has praise for the other two Czech teams. She explains that Roller Derby Brno Freakshow is a funny and sweet team that just hosted its second home game in Brno in May. Previously, it had struggled to find venues in which to host games. She describes the Hard Breaking Dolls as super high-level and very competitive and believes they have a very bright future in front of them. The teams work together, hosting double headers, organising scrimmages for newer skaters and supporting each other with NSO-ing, Officiating and Volunteering. With a community like this, it is unsurprising that Mörkö is very excited about the next Roller Derby World Cup: “I'm really looking forward to all the people from all the leagues coming together to represent the Czech Republic because the scene isn't that big. It will be great to boost morale and maybe even get more people interested in the sport.”


Joining a Roller Derby Team: what learning to fall can teach you about yourself

As Mörkö reflects on her Roller Derby journey, one thing is clear: it's not just about the wins and losses but the relationships forged and the memories created along the way. Ten years in, Mörkö still thinks roller derby is the most incredible sport ever and would advise all interested soon-to-be-skaters to follow the local teams on social media to find out when the leagues are hosting one of their regular new skater intakes. While you will be able to learn how to skate and play roller derby when joining a club - which is exciting on its own, Mörkö believes the true magic in learning to play roller derby lies in the messages hidden within the skating curriculum:

You have to try it because it's a very unique experience. It teaches you a lot about yourself and helps you push through even things you don't think you can do. (...) For example, you learn to fall in one of the very first classes. When I was a new skater, I found that such a powerful move. You have to accept that you will be failing, and it's okay and natural. I think that's a super valuable thought because I think in our general lives, we are told we must always succeed to be good. But one of the first things roller derby teaches you is how to fall, and that falling is something you have to master to move forward, and I think that is very powerful. So yeah, I think roller derby is a great combination. It’s excitement but also evolves you as a person, and it's just so cool.”


Connect with the Czech Roller Derby teams on Meta to get started:


AAVA Sports Bra: an Armour against Doubts and Hesitations


Strong and confident: Mörkö #1982 in the AAVA Armoured Sports Bra ©Doris Borovcová


In a sport where every bump and bruise tells a story, Mörkö's tale is one of resilience, community, and the enduring spirit of Roller Derby. We are proud to play a small part in this story!


The AAVA Armoured Sports Bra offers holistic protection for the upper body. Low-profile, flexible impact foam guards the sternum, inner collar bones, breasts, and ribs from impact. Shed caution, which might be holding you back, and upgrade your gear with AAVA. Are you already competing in AAVA? Then let us know what you think, and leave your review!